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Tecuciztecatl (MP3)
SMMG 043 (2014)

Tecuciztecatl (FLAC)
SMMG 043 FL (2014)

01. The Examination
02. Hold On To Your Half
03. See You In A Minute
04. I'm Getting Alone
05. Reflect Yourself
06. I Will Disappear You
07. The Essence Of Your Power Is An Eye That Darkens The Light
08. I Believe Your Heart Is No Longer Inside This Room MP3
09. Vampire List
10. African Violet Casts A Spell
11. Reciprocal Tensions And Polarized Components
12. Yes Yes Yesterday
13. The Cup

Released October 28, 2014.

HNIA’s stunning new offering is a rock opera depicting an epic struggle between identical twins, reflective in nature, and mirrored in twin science, secret language, and mythology. Described variously by the press as “absolutely beautiful” (CMJ), “a silver thread out of the labyrinth” (NME), and “haunted, wholly out of time or context” (Plan B), His Name Is Alive continues to mystify with Tecuciztecatl.

Beginning in Livonia, MI as an experimental bedroom dream pop project, HNIA has released a steady stream of music since their first self-released cassettes in the late-’80’s. One of label founder Ivo-Watts Russell’s Top 5 groups of all-time, HNIA would go on to release 7 albums on the 4AD label over a period of 13 years. Out of step with the Alterna-Grunge zeitgeist of the ’90’s, with the current ascension of horror soundtracks and other non-“rock” forms into both pop and underground music, HNIA’s time may have finally come.

The album is available in both MP3 (320 kbps) and lossless FLAC.

This download edition is an exclusive version of Tecuciztecatl. As with the CD, cassette and vinyl, each format contains a unique version of the album. Silver Mountain Media is proud to present this special version of Tecuciztecatl.

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