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Frog And Toad (MP3)
SMMG 039 (1998)

Frog And Toad (FLAC)
SMMG 039 FL (1998)

01. Mouth (wrong drummer, lyrics)
02. Dirt (bad solo)
03. Bad Luck (Erika Hoffmann demo)
04. Smooth (Mark Kozelek demo)
05. Sand (Matthew Smith demo)
06. World ("super single")
07. ESP Summer (Ian Masters demo)
08. Blues (early one)
09. Nice Day (wrong melody)
10. Friend (wrong lyrics demo)
11. Whale (Chad vocals)
12. Man (Dara vocals)
13. Glue (early one)
14. Waitress (new wave mix) MP3
15. Secret (Zachariahs drums)
16. Everything (Deb and Andy drums)
17. Beowulf (Dee and Laura vocals)
18. Last Blues (Ken 5 "word box")

Released April 10, 2015.

Originally released on cassette via Time Stereo in 1998.

One hour of demos, wrong singers and different versions of HIS NAME IS ALIVE classics. Features MARK KOZELEK, MARK ROBINSON, IAN MASTERS, MOG, many others.

The album is available in both MP3 and lossless FLAC.

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