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Leaf Club (MP3)
SMMG 036 (2004)

Leaf Club (FLAC)
SMMG 036 FL (2004)

01. Real Unicorns
02. Merce Cunningham After Party / USA vs Gamelan
03. Who Has Seen The Wind I (His Name Is Alive Remix)
04. If July (Livonia Strings Alternate Mix)
05. Never Said (Last Night Outtake)
06. Sunshine Super Low
07. untitled (Brown Rice Outtake)
08. Go (His Name Is Alive Remix)
09. Lotus Of The Desert (featuring Deonna And Laura)
10. Iko Iko (His Name Is Alive Remix)
11. Soul Finger (His Name Is Alive Remix)
12. Who Has Seen The Wind II (His Name Is Alive Remix)
13. Sexy Bitch (featuring Taj Bell)
14. Pineapple (Dreem Up Alternate Mix) MP3

Released January 18, 2011.

Originally released on CDR via Time Stereo in 2004.

Leaf Club is among the rarer of the more recent batch of Time Stereo CDRs. Warn Defever from His Name Is Alive primarily sold copies at shows and some via mail order. Only 100 copies were made.

Released to gather some notable odds 'n ends together in one place, Leaf Club includes remixes, alternate versions and other previously unreleased gems. This is an essential part of the HNIA discography and is now a quality download release from Silver Mountain.

The album is available in both MP3 and lossless FLAC.