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Mountain Ocean Sun (MP3)
SMMG 035 (2002)

Mountain Ocean Sun (FLAC)
SMMG 035 FL (2002)

01. Mountain Ocean Sun I
02. Mountain Ocean Sun II
03. Mountain Ocean Sun III
04. Mountain Ocean Sun IV
05. Mountain Ocean Sun V
06. Mountain Ocean Sun VI
07. Mountain Ocean Sun VII MP3
08. Mountain Ocean Sun VIII
09. Mountain Ocean Sun IX
10. Mountain Ocean Sun X
11. Mountain Ocean Sun XI
12. Mountain Ocean Sun XII
13. Mountain Ocean Sun XIII
14. Mountain Ocean Sun XIV
15. Mountain Ocean Sun XV

Released January 4, 2011.

Originally released on CDR via Time Stereo in June 2002.

Recorded at Zenkoji Temple (Osaka, Japan) in February, 2002. This cdr features "nature jams" so quiet that the monk had to turn down the heat because the "warm air molecules were too loud." The sound of the beautiful five hundred year old Buddhist temple fills the music with real emptiness and sparse spirituality. Ian Masters plays guitar and bells, and sings. Warn Defever plays guitar and percussion. Hitoko and Aya play shells, children's gamelan, and seeds.

Maybe my coincidence detector was turned up too high, but I was convinced that it was your message that came to me one night in January via a "chance" encounter with an online pic of M.S.B.R making the noise scene in what looked like some sort of old-time sacred barn. I called you immediately and we made made plans for recording MOUNTAIN OCEAN SUN at that very same five hundred year old buddhist temple on the outskirts of Osaka.

You told me the monk was cool, and we could record for free. The money we saved went to AT&T for long long distance bills instead. We needed some help from your friend with the traditional Japanese hot table when we turned off the heat because it was too loud during our super quiet nature jams.

As soon as the monk fell asleep, you rang the temple's most sacred bell and we layed face down and hit the gong with a feather until the no-sound finally reached deep into our hearts. Soul mates, old friends, and total strangers came together on this special night. The monk blessed our session and said a prayer. I think he said he hoped that we would allow the spirit of the temple to enter into our music, like the way the sound of ciccadas in the ESP summer enters into the quiet stones.

Warn Defever

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