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I Want You To Live One Hundred Years
SMMG 025 (1999)

01. Train
02. Heart Struck Sorrow
03. Saved
04. Maximum Love and Fuck
05. Bee Stings
06. You've Got A Cheatin' Heart MP3
07. Revelations
08. If You Had A Year To Live
09. Sad Songs And Waltzes
10. Simmy
11. Jubilee
12. Silvy
13. Sad Songs And Waltzes
14. Simmy
15. Train
16. Heart Struck Sorrow
17. Jubilee
18. Silvy
19. One Year
20. Revelations
21. Saved
22. Will Your Heart Come Back For Me
23. You've Got A Cheatin' Heart
24. Maximum Love and Fuck
25. I Was Born In Michigan

Originally released by Lo Recordings in 1999, this new 10th anniversary Silver Mountain download edition compiles all the original album plus an astonishing TWELVE extra bonus tracks for your listening pleasure. Features all new printable art.