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ESP Family
SMMG 021 (1996)

01. This World Is Not My Home
02. I Hate The Capitalist System
03. Will The Circle Be Unbroken MP3
04. Come All You Coal Miners
05. Cotten Pickin
06. Come On Let's Go Down
07. What A Mother Can Do
08. Factory Girl
09. Jubilee
10. Which Side Are You On
11. Wild Wood Flower
12. Long Long Ago
13. I Hate The Capitalist System
14. The Packard Shakedown
15. Southern Lament
16. I Got Two Wings I'm Gonna Fly Away
17. I Am A Girl Of Constant Sorrow
18. I Love Coal Miners
19. Guitar Blues
20. I Ain't Got No Home

Communist folk songs from 1930. Includes five extra bonus tracks, remastered and resequenced for this Silver Mountain reissue of the classic Time Stereo tape.