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King Of Sweet (Remastered)
SMMG 020 (formerly TSD 002) (1993)

01. Around
02. Every Tree
03. Weekend MP3
04. Dreamy
05. Lake
06. Sweet
07. Bears
08. Dave
09. Dave In
10. Blue-Eyed
11. Playing
12. Coming Down
13. Horse Barn
14. Driftin
15. Moonlight

Originally released in a limited edition of 2,000 copies by the Perdition Plastics label as a "fake bootleg" in 1993, His Name is Alive's KING OF SWEET quickly sold out and became a super sought-after lost treasure among fans. KING OF SWEET claims to be compiled from several cassettes, (most of which are of questionable origin) but actually contains demos, outtakes and weird versions of songs from HOME IS IN YOUR HEAD mixed, merged, morphed into a strangely beautiful collage while also incorporating special songs that never found a proper release as well as a few songs that would be re-recorded on later HNIA albums, all held together by instrumental themes, some dreamy, some noisy, and some hip-hop (???).

KING OF SWEET has been remastered by Warn Defever in the Spring of 2005 and now appears to be a few minutes longer than the original. Includes beautiful new printable sleeve art.