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Emergency LP
SMMG 018 (2008)

01. Ain't No Lie
02. Whiter Than
03. My Rock
04. When The Lovelight Starts To Shine Through His Eyes
05. Transformer Man MP3
06. It Gonna Rain
07. Killing Floor
08. Help
09. Soft Boiled Angel
10. One Less Passenger
11. When Blues Are Empty
12. Sunshine
13. Amazing
14. Write My Name
15. There Is A Reason
16. Three Little Fish
17. The Whale
18. He Washes The Blood
19. Fountain Filled With Blood
20. When No One's Around

Remastered and resequenced in 2008 by Warn with FOUR bonus songs added.

The "Emergency LP" began during the time when I was working on the "Fort Lake" album. It was taking really long to finish and much work still had to be done before I could begin the editing and mixing stages. I was travelling a lot at this time in my life, and really enjoying the later Jimi Hendirix albums. I also began having reoccuring nightmares involving a plane crash somewhere over the midwest of the United States. When Jimi Hendrix died, he left behind many recordings, some unfinished. His record company decided to put some of these pieces together and make some more records. I love those albums but I did not want that to happen to me. I decided to have album handy in case of disaster. I felt so much better when I had it finished, the "Emergency LP". - Warn