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The Complete Recordings
SMMG 017 (2009)

01. Sticky Sun
02. Web Of Dream
03. Great Eye Is Simple Eye
04. More Water
05. Golden Heart Of The Year
06. Land Of 102°
07. Your Hands
08. On You MP3
09. Splinters
10. Last Time Hand
11. When Leaves Are Gone
12. No June
13. Sticky (Live)
14. Golden (Live)
15. Volume
16. Grows
17. Snows
18. Tomorrow
19. Today
20. You
21. Friendly
22. Time
23. Golden Heart Of The Year
24. Another Thought
25. Bad Vibrations
26. Pen = Symphony

A short-lived studio-based project, ESP Summer gave the pop underground one dazzling LP in 1994 and was never heard from again. Much like the pairing of Brian Eno and David Byrne in the early '80s, Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive) and Ian Masters (Pale Saints) made for an alignment of talented studio eccentrics of the time. Their excellent eponymous release was originally issued on cassette through Defever's Time Stereo outlet, but was thankfully issued on disc over a year later on Perdition Plastics. A minimal, scatterbrained effort, ESP Summer's dreamy acoustics made for one of the decade's unrecognized gems and was certainly deserving of the high regard of His Name Is Alive and the Pale Saints' best works. - Andy Kellman, All Music Guide