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When The Stars Refuse To Shine (Remastered)
SMMG 016 (2000)

01. Fox Line
02. There's Nothing MP3
03. Why Is This Night Different Than All Others
04. Write My Name
05. Lotus Blossom 1
06. Someday My Blues
07. Pilgrims House
08. Moon Dance
09. Passover
10. Solitude
11. He Stares At Me
12. I Can Charm Him
13. Why Is It So Cold
14. When Will The Winter End

Vocals by Lovetta Pippen. Music by Warn Defever. Musicians: Jake Danziger, Zach Wallace, Daniel Littleton, Ida Pearl, Scott Goldstein, Brett Lyman and Fred Thomas. Recorded in Livonia April 2000 by HNIA and Steve King.

Recorded by His Name Is Alive and Steve King in Livonia during the sessions that also produced the "Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth" album on 4AD.