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Detrola (MP3)
SMMG 014 (2006)

Detrola (FLAC)
SMMG 014 FL (2006)

01. The Darkess Night
02. Maybe Again When I Leave U
03. Mama Don't You Think I Know
04. Sometimes Screw
05. Here Forever Always
06. Your Bones
07. You Need A Heart To Live MP3
08. You And Me
09. Summer Left Your Heart Behind
10. Seven Minutes In Heaven
11. I'll Send My Face To Your Funeral

Brand new album released by Warn's new label Silver Mountain Media Group via Reincarnate Music and distributed by Sony-BMG. Recorded and mixed at Brown Rice, Detroit, MI.

"DETROLA is dizzyingly eclectic, veering from the warm '70s bounce of "I Thought I Saw" to the frigid techno of "*C*A*T*S*" without losing any of the loveliness of HNIA's best work." - SPIN MAGAZINE

"DETROLA is the most nearly flawless HNIA album there has been. It's as if Defever, a notorious studio perfectionist, poured everything he's learned in 16 years into this album. And it shows. 4 out of 4" - DETROIT FREE PRESS