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SMMG 012 (2008)

04. MP3
14. Help You
15. Luna
16. Gone
17. Can Of Worms
18. The Eye

Dara is HNIA's Library Girl. You may remember her from the 1994 4AD compilation "All Virgos Are Mad". The original New Grape album from 1994 has been remastered by Warn in 2008 with FIVE previously unreleased bonus tracks added.

In 1993 4AD/Warner Bros. records released the Mouth By Mouth LP by His Name Is Alive. A lot of similar minded home-recording musicians heard that record and decided to forward their 4 track tapes to HNIA producer Warn Defever. One of these tapes was from a nice woman in new york named Dara (they had met years earlier at an Elvis Hitler concert and shared a pop-tart). Warn heard something special in this tape and offered to remix it at his home studio in Livonia.

"I'll just fix the EQ and add some know... fix it up real good." Thinking she had sent her master tapes to a real producer who she could trust to add some professionality to her demo, Dara was suprised when Warn and Davin from Time Stereo hand delivered the finished album called New Grape a few monthes later. What were once catchy poppy songs had been dramatically altered. They became "noise+girl=pop" according to the Time Stereo catalog.

The formula was simple: 1. remove all the music 2. keep only Dara's distintively pleasing and sped up vocals 3. turn fast forwarding sounds into the music 4. speed it up more 5. distort everything 6. add more fast sounds. When it was finished, Warn realized this was not the professional quality demo he had promised. Luckily it appealed to Dara's special sensibilities and the two agreed to work together on other projects as well.

4AD was offered this record and they quickly turned it down, saying only, "we think its too fast." it soon found a home on the Time Stereo label and became one of our early most popular tapes, along with ESP Summer. Dara went on to sing with HNIA on the Universal Frequencies EP, the Nice Day EP, and the Fort Lake LP. Some of their collaborations have also appeared on the "All Virgos Are Mad" compilation on 4AD, the "Winner Is The Loser" compilation on Friendly Science records, and two tracks are on HNIA's Emergency LP.