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Dreem Up
SMMG 004 (formerly TSD 001) (2004)

01. Seven
02. Boy
03. Jody MP3
04. Jane
05. Silver
06. Affection
07. Young
08. Night
09. Man
10. People
11. Long

Recorded circa 1994-95 back when HNIA was starting a lot of projects and not finishing all of them (the Mexican 1/2 speed ambient masters was another "lost" album). It began as a covers album but since Warn didn't get around to learning the songs, Karin had to sing them acappella, but an acappella covers album didn't seem like such a hot idea so the project got shelved. Later on Warn added some "music" and now here it is over ten years later, a long lost old school His Name Is Alive album.

Originally released in the 2004 box set "The Cloud Box" on Time Stereo.