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OCTOBER 21, 2014

Pitchfork is streaming the new His Name Is Alive album this week! They dug into the vaults for alternative album art images and hilarious and embarrassing behind the scenes photos.

Click HERE.
OCTOBER 14, 2014

HIS NAME IS ALIVE'S Tecuciztecatl Reflection Collection now up for pre-order!


Limited edition set contains:

• lp, cd, bonus disc, tape, poster and book
• Tecuciztecatl CD
44 minutes, digipak, includes lyrics
• Tecuciztecatl Cassette
45 minutes, recorded from vinyl, plus bonus track
• Tecuciztecatl LP
41 minutes, 180 gram vinyl, old style tip-on jacket
• Poster
8” x 16”, suitable for framing or pinning to bedroom wall
• Dark Reflections Bonus Disc
70 minutes, additional material, demos, extended, acoustic, new age
• Book of Tecuciztecatl
51 pages, 8" x 5", soft cover, first edition, perfect bound, recording session diary, lyrics, rock opera background and narrative
• Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered sets
• Free shipping in the US
• Packages will ship on 10.24.14 Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered sets
• Free shipping in the US
• Packages will ship on 10.24.14

PRE-ORDER HERE or HERE, but hurry - it's limited to 50 copies worldwide!


OCTOBER 11, 2014


His Name is Alive returns to the stage after spending years in the studio writing and recording the rock opera, Tecuciztecatl. "The new unit is a prog bubble gum machine," and they've added a mellotron to the mix. For fans of horror movie soundtracks, psychedelics, fuzz guitar and mellotron, this is a great way to spend the holiday. This special Devil's Night in Detroit event also includes opening acts Wiccans and the Decamp Sisters.
OCTOBER 11, 2014

As the October 28 release date for His Name Is Alive's new album "Tecuciztecatl" approaches, be sure to check out the "reflection collection" limited edition. It's ultra limited and more details will be posted shortly. In the meantime, check out what's included in the limited collection HERE.
SEPTEMBER 26, 2014

His Name is Alive "Tecuciztecatl" a psychedelic rock opera depicting an epic struggle between identical twins, reflective in nature and mirrored in twin science, secret language and mythology. Different mixes/edits for vinyl, cd and download.

Exclusive worldwide distribution by Light in the Attic Records.


[Watch this space for next weeks announcement about the limited edition set with LP, CD, bonus tracks, poster, book and more].


DOWNLOAD "African Violet Casts a Spell" for free HERE.
MAY 28, 2014

His Name is Alive's "Home Is In Your Head" (1991) arranged for string sextet
by Jean Cook will be performed at the National Opera Center in New York
City on June 13th 2014‬.

Click HERE for more details.

FEBRUARY 11, 2014

I edited around a hundred Thin Lizzy guitar solos together.

12 studio albums 1971-1983, featuring Eric Bell, Scott Gorham, Brian Roberston, Gary Moore, Snowy White, and John Sykes (and two keyboard solos by Darren Wharton).

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JULY 30, 2013

Silver Mountain is pleased to announced the debut of some new download albums that were previously available as ultra-limited tour editions.

Now available as of today are three new His Name Is Alive albums.

Cliff Bells Vanilla originally appeared as disc #7 in the 2010 ceramic box set and most recently as a concert DVD earlier this year. Now it's finally available as a Silver Mountain download in both MP3 and lossless FLAC formats.

Continuing the His Name Is Alive reinterpretation series that began with Livonias Strings is the brand new Home Is, a modern reimagining of the band's 1991 4AD album Home Is In Your Head. Home Is highlights the talents of Jean Cook's strings and voice.

Rounding out our triple crown of HNIA goodness is Dragons Look Out Your Window, featuring open sound, instrumentals, soundtracks and loops. Recorded 2012 and 2013 by Warren Defever and Cassandra Verras.

Check them out in our Silver Mountain store
along with dozens of other Silver Mountain gems. Listen to sound samples plus check out the free downloadable MP3s in the detailed release listings.